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New Extended Trailer for Independence Day 2! They just released a news third extended trailer and it looks pretty good. Although I hate how they give away so much of the plot to promote the movie. As we know, Will Smith does not seem to be in this installment.  It appears that the aliens have […]

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name features a gender-swapping storyline that rekindles themes of classic Japanese literature >See our original post on Your Name here. >See our post on Makoto Shinkai here. Original story By Justin McCurry of the Guardian Themes of body swapping, the search for love and a frantic quest to save a town from […]

This is a movie review on Independence Day, the original film from 1996.  As you know, there’s a new sequel coming out called Independence Day: Resurgence. I don’t know how that movie is going to be, I’ll do a review on it after I see it but it brought back to me all the memories […]