After Earth Trailer 2 Just Released!

jaden4The new After Earth trailer is out.  Of all the sci-fi movies coming out this summer, this was my favorite.  In this new trailer, more of the story is told and frankly I think that is a bad thing.  I liked the first trailer better, I liked not knowing what was going to happen.  One of the reasons I think the original Star Wars was so good for me was the fact that when I went into the theater I had absolutely no idea what it was about. All I had seen was a furry Bigfoot creature on a TV commercial and when I saw that I thought it was really stupid. But everyone was saying it was really good so my step mom took us and that opening scene was a movie moment I will never forget. So mystery is important.  I don’t know why today’s filmmakers feel this need to tell us the whole story in the trailer.   Unfortunately in this case, now that I do know more of the story, the film does not seem as compelling.  They would have done better to just leave the first trailer till the release of the movie.  If something ain’t broke don’t fix it, a lesson Hollywood needs to learn.  More is not always better and many times less is more.  I’ve listed both trailers here,  what do you think?

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

Actually, after watching trailer 1 again, I realized it is much more compelling.  The editing, is better, the music is better, what were they thinking with trailer 2, nothing I guess.

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