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I don’t usually review games but this new animated short from the highly anticipated game Overwatch really caught my attention.  I saw another Overwatch short a few months ago and thought it was a trailer for a new animated film. It had excellent animation quality akin to something you would expect from Pixar but because it was a game I didn’t post it.   Well this time it’s different, this time Blizzard entertainment has released a new animated short called “Alive” featuring the really awesome character “Tracer”.  This short is a really amazing great story, great characters and a really cool world.

tracer overwatch alive short


The idea of the Overwatch game is that following a war with sentient AI machines a group of super heroes called the Overwatchers were created by the UN to bring peace to the planet and stop the fighting.  A pretty good premise fit for today’s problems. I have to say that I feel that by making this game a first person shooter Blizzard has reduced it to it’s lowest common denominator. I mean this franchise could be so much more.  Really it should have been a movie before it was a game.  I just love the idea of the Overwatchers, the idea of a group of hero’s tasked with saving humanity from destruction. A great premise!

widow maker alive ovverwatch


Overwatch has a great diverse set of characters, a really cool story and awesome powers and special effects and a lot more.  I spent hours watching all of the shorts and special features related to the game and I will be posting about these soon. Again this is just dying for a series or a movie and with the release of the War Craft movie I am sure Blizzard is aware of this. I’m not so into the raw violence of a shoot ’em up game though. To me this just seems to be such a waste of these characters and this story. I mean shooting and battle are part of their story but it’s not ALL of the story. Imagine if our first taste of Star Wars was the Jakku Battle Front game. That’s how this feels. But check it out and we will bring more soon!


Check out the hot new short “Alive” from the game Overwatch!

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