always sunset on third street

Hey check out this new Godzilla Trailer!

Gotcha! This is actually a scene from the Japanese drama Always: Sunset on Third Street! Sorry I had to do that to you 🙂 See this is how I found “Always: Sunset on Third Street”, a movie that I just finished watching.   It’s a really good family movie.  Just a really good feel good movie all around.  It has really good writing and even though it’s a Japanese movie with English subtitles, it would make a great movie in any language and I highly recommend it.

How I found it.
The funny thing is, that I was watched the sequel first, “Always 2″  And how I discovered that film is really interesting.  I was researching sci-fi films for my previous post on the best sci-fi  and in the process came across what looked like a trailer for Godzilla.  What!  A new Gozilla movie?  I was like,  “I never heard of a new Godzilla movie coming out? How could I have missed that?  I watched the trailer and loved it!

But then as I read the reviews of this trailer someone mentioned that it was a fake trailer and in fact was just the opening scene to a movie called “Always 2″ so I check it out because I felt if they could do such a cool intro then the movie must be pretty good too.  I watched Always 2 and it was awesome!  I laughed, almost cried and just fell in love with all the characters.   Suzuki san and his beautiful family, Chagawa’s, Heromi and Junnosuke and their makeshift attempts at love and a virtual family.  All the characters live on 3rd street and if such a place ever existed you would want to live there too.

Sunset on Third Street

So after watching Always 2 I was hooked and had to watch the fist Always which, no duh was even better!  In Always, I laughed even more, cried a little and fell in love with the characters even more.  Now I understand them better knowing how they got in their predicaments in Always 2.  All I can say is see this movie with your family.  There is even a cute Christmas scene with Santa clause. Wait the Japanese celebrate Christmas with Santa clause?  Well I guess so.  I learned a lot about their history.  Did you know there is a Eiffel tower like structure called Tokyo tower that was build in the 50s.  During the movie we see its construction looming in the background of 3rd st.

There are a lot of really good scenes in this movie like when Chagawa gives his foster son Junnosuke a fountain pen for Christmas – you will never forget the way Junnosuke’s face lights up when he gets this pen.  It’s really cool how we see the love bond slowly grow between these two.  This bond is finally demonstrated when Junnosuke’s real dad makes a surprise visit to take him home.

always sunset on third street chigawa

Chagawa struggling to write the next great novel.


Of all the characters I love Chagawa the most.  Man, talk about a comically tragic character. Half the time you don’t know whether to laugh at him or feel sorry for him.  And you usually end up doing both.  He is a struggling writer from a wealthy family who has chosen the path of the starving artist to pursue his dream.   Ostracized by everyone in town, you really feel for him as he struggles to make a name for himself.  As a struggling filmmaker I really related to his character the most for this very reason.

As you can see I loved this movie and know that you will too.  It’s available on amazon, netflix and online sites like    If you watch it, let me know what you think of this film in the comments.



From IMDB:
“Always: Sunset on Third Street  is a 2005 film co-written and directed by the Japanese filmmaker Takashi Yamazaki, based on Ryōhei Saigan’s long-running manga Sanchōme no Yūhi. It was chosen as Best Film at the Japan Academy Prize ceremony.  The plot takes place in a small community in post-war Tokyo, and follows the interweaving story threads of a number of the community’s residents over the course of a single year as Tokyo Tower is being built. “

The awesome Japanese drama – Always: Sunset on Third Street

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