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THE LEGEND OF KORRA REVIEWThe Legend of Korra Review
Hey Movie What fans! Hey so I just finished season 1 of The Legend of Korra and it was really awesome! I just love that show, it’s so inspiring. I love the art, I love the story, I love how they incorporate spirituality.  Those two directors are really talented, I’m talking about the artist Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. I loved their work in Avatar: The Last Airbender and now they are doing it again with The Legend of Korra. They’ve taken it up a notch, which I guess they had to do because this takes place seventy years after the last series. This time is akin to like 1910 in our time, around the time of the Titanic. You know, when we were just discovering mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and electricity. So in the show they feature all kinds of new inventions like biplanes, cars, machines, steam powered robots, etc. I think some in anime call this style steam-punk. Anyway they do a good job at it. One issue I have with the shows is that some of the subjects are a little on the mature side, a little on the violent side.  This seems to clash with the childlike nature of the show. For example, in major WW I style battles, no one dies, even the bad guys.  So when a  plane gets shoot down they always are able to bailout. But I can understand this choice because technically it is a children’s show and there’s plenty of death to be had in the real world.  So it’s fun innocent fun with an attempt at some hard moral lessons. These two directors are very talented, I will put them on par with Miyazaki and George Lucas. I am sure we will see many good works from them for the foreseeable future.

Season 1, is called Book 1: Air, maybe this is because Korra has mastered all the elements except air and she needs to master air to become a fully realized Avatar. So this season is pretty much about her coming to grips with her power and learning patience and embracing all aspects of her Avatar nature. What is striking about her character is that she’s a very strong-willed character who is very much on the warrior side of things.  She is very tough, impatient and just wants to go and take care of business without thinking about it.  This gets her in lots of trouble and which might explain why she needs to master the air element because it requires patience and gentleness.  She’s pretty much the polar opposite of Ang, the Avatar from the last series, but she’s an interesting character and you’ll love to really like her and root for her.

This show features some of the best fight choreography seen in animation. Ok maybe that’s stretching it a bit but it was good. In particular, the pro-bending matches were so good they almost seemed like a real sport, and like a true pro-bending fan I really looked forward to the next match.   Check out this clip to see what I mean:


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