Check out this really excellent interview with master filmmaker George Lucas by Charlie Rose.  Despite all the weird criticism he’s been getting lately from Disney’s disinformation campaign (more about that on another post), he is definitely a master filmmaker. I once heard from the famous sculptor Betty Gold who said, when asked about the key to being a great artist. She said to study the greats, study the masters.  So if you have any interest in filmmaking or art or just want to know what it takes to make art that will make a difference in the world, check out this interview.  Glean whatever truth or knowledge you can from these tidbits of wisdom. There are plenty here in this interview, if you pay attention.  Charlie Rose kept pressing him on the superficial things like “Oh my god you won the Kennedy award!”   Lucas responds like the totally humble person that he appears to be inside.   Basically saying he doesn’t care about awards.  Charlie Rose keeps pressing with statements like “What was it like being next to the president” etc. And Lucas is like, yeah whatever. The interview is about 40 minute, so check it out.

george-lucas-charlie-roseLucas has some really interesting things to say about the new Star Wars film the Force Awakens and about selling his company to Disney.   He associates the deal with going though a divorce or like a death in the family.  He jokingly says it’s like selling your kids off to slavery.  Good for him! The Star Wars movies were his kids.  As for the new films he has a lot to say about the corporate movie industry and how it is controlled by these giant corporations.  How they don’t want to take any risk with anything anymore, if ever they did.  They don’t want to do anything new.  It’s just about spitting out sequel after sequel. Yes that is so true, you really see that with the Force Awakens. I’m going to be posting my review of what I thought of Star Wars: The Force Awakens very soon.  SPOILER ALERT, so skip this if you don’t want to hear details.  The Force Awakens is pretty much a rehash of the first Star Wars which really annoys the heck outta me! You know in the interview he said he would not have done it that way and it’s pretty clear he wouldn’t because it’s total freakin’ garbage that this new movie is such a complete rehash of the first film! Ok enough on that. Look out for our post on that later as well.

George-Lucas-Star-Wars-TV-showYou know I will miss him – his involvement in Star Wars.  I mean, I’m sorry, but JJ Abrams is a top Hollywood director knowing how to press all the right buttons to get people to the theaters but he’s no George Lucas. I mean you can hear from this interview that George Lucas is such a deep person, such a deep thinker.  A serious real filmmaker who doesn’t just pander to fans. Lucas is someone who really takes his art seriously.  JJ Abrams is not on that level.  He is a good technical director, I feel entertained by his movies but I just don’t leave his movies feeling like I’ve been moved you know to contemplate life or anything.

Most Star Wars films, the originals and the prequels felt dense to me. Even now, I still learn things having watched them ten times over.  Like any good art, you get something new out of them with every viewing.  I seriously doubt I will have any real revelations watching the Force Awakens more than twice.  So it’s sad, but it’s the end of an era, I have to say.

Lucas said he makes every new Star Wars film as new and as original as possible but he didn’t think he had the youth and financial resources to continue making the next three films and that is why he decided to sell to Disney.  Again this is sad because I’m sure the three new films would have been super awesome but instead we get this total popcorn movie garbage that Disney wants to spew out like some kind of a computer program!  Anyway check out the interview, it’s awesome.   I will be posting more interviews from other master filmmakers like Miyazaki and others.

Let us know what you think about this interview, about George Lucas, Star Wars and The Force Awakens in the comments below.

Interview with Master Filmmaker George Lucas

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