Id4 speechHey Movie What fans! Ever watched a movie with a really good speech and you were like “Man that was a really good speech!” Today we will revisit some of the most inspiring speeches from our favorite movies.

Independence Day Alien Battle Speech
This speech by the president in the 1994 more independence day has to go down as one of the best ever.  Aliens have decimated humanity and right be fore the last battle the president gives this motivational speech to the resistance fighters of the world.  Just listen and get ready to kick some serious alien butt!

Armageddon’s End of the World Speech
In the Movie Armageddon an giant asteroid is barreling towards a destructive collision course towards earth. Listen to this speech and don’t tel me you don’t feel ready to fly up to space to face it.

Pacific Rim End the Apocalypse Speech
In the movie Pacific Rim, giant aliens have attached from anther dimension and are wracking total havoc on earth. Right before the final battle. The leader of the earth forces gives one last speech.

Inspirational Speech by Yoda on the Power of the Force

The most epic inspiration speech by the greatest alien of all time. This has to go down and the best scene in all of Star Wars.

Aragorn’s Battle Speech at the Black Gate

In the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Aragorn gives a rousing battle speech to help his men keep their courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

We Fight!
In the Movie Red Tails, the pilots prepare for battle.

The Kings Charge
In the Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King, King Theoden gives a rousing motivation speech in this battle scene to his troops when all seems lost for Middle Earth.

The Peaceful Warrior


Did we forget a cool speech? Let us know in the comments so we can include it.


Most inspiring movie speeches of all time!

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