The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Movie Review

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Movie Review

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Movie Review
Think about how big the universe is, across space and other dimensions.  It could be really really really huge!  This is the kind of thing that the anime, “The girl who leapt through time” by Mamoru Hosoda, does to your mind.  This anime movie is a really good feel good film in a similar light as the “Sand Lot”, but with a cool sci-fi time travel twist.  And it’s funny too.

The story is about Makoto Konno, your typical high school kid. Who by events out of her control stumbles on the ability to time leap.  Makoto, discovers that by literally leaping through the air she can also leap through time.  What does a high school kid do with such powers? Does she try to save the world?  Go back in time and fix some horrible historical aberration? No, she tries to fix her friends relationships and other high school trivia. As you can imagine this makes for some hilarious storytelling.   Not into Japanese high school stories? Don’t worry, Japanese high school is pretty much just like American High school but just, you know – Japanese style. Don’t let that stop you, this is a really good story that holds its own.  Did you have to be into ships to watch Titanic???

Check out these funny scenes from the movie:

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